You Can Watch Fox’s Super Bowl Stream on Roku After All

You Can Watch Fox's Super Bowl Stream on Roku After All thumbnail

The fight is over. Roku owners will be able to watch the Super Bowl on Fox.
Photo: AP

This fight between Fox and Roku has a happy ending, for football fans at least. The two companies reached a last-minute deal that will allow Roku owners to use Fox apps on the platform, which means that users can watch the Super Bowl on FOX Now and FOX Sports.

The deal is the culmination of some very strange and alarming days for Roku owners. First, they learned on Thursday that apps belonging to Fox, which is the network streaming the Super Bowl this year, would no longer be supported on their Roku devices. Roku told them not to worry, however, as they could still watch the game on other apps, like fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV. Fox, on the other hand, said that was all Roku’s fault, and had its Fox News hosts urge fans to complain to Roku.

The main problem was actually Roku’s and Fox’s distribution agreement, which was set to expire on Friday. Roku claimed to have offered Fox an extension, which it said Fox declined. The announcement about the agreement, reported by The Verge, issued by both companies made no mention of their public fight, with each side stating that they were “delighted” (Roku) and “pleased” (Fox) at the way things at turned out.

If you’re a football fan and Roku owner, you can watch the Super Bowl beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET today.

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