Would you rather have the Galaxy S20+ or Note 10+?

Would you rather have the Galaxy S20+ or Note 10+? thumbnail

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Source: Android Central

Samsung makes some of the most popular Android phones in the world, and if you’re in the market for a phone from the company, the Galaxy S20+ and Note 10+ are two of the best options currently available to you.

Both handsets offer top-notch Android experiences with high prices to match, and with a lot of similarities between them, deciding on just one can be quite challenging.

Some of our AC forum members recently had this very debate, with the conversation going as follows:


I’m confused on which one to pick up. Currently using a Pixel 3 axl and I originally skipped the Note 10+ in favor of the S 10+. The Note 9 was my last Note I used. Now I’m thinking about getting another Note. There are pros and cons of each one. The Note is $100 cheaper then the S20 and has 256 GB vs 128 on the S20 as a base model. The Note has 12gb memory and I think the S20+ has 8. A spen is…



Note 10 Plus imo.



It’ll basically come down to what’s more important to you. The S-Pen and double the storage for cheaper is hard to pass up IMO. Then again if the camera is the most important thing for you the S20+ does have an entirely new setup. You’ll also have to think about how long you plan on keeping the phone, and how important 5G is to you. If you’re a person who upgrades fairly often I’m not sure 5G is…


Now, we want to hear from you — Would you rather have the Galaxy S20+ or Note 10+?

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