Who needs a Galaxy S20 when a Galaxy Note 10+ with warranty is on sale at less than $600?

Who needs a Galaxy S20 when a Galaxy Note 10+ with warranty is on sale at less than $600? thumbnail

Who needs a Galaxy S20 when a Galaxy Note 10+ with warranty is on sale at less than $600?

If you’re in the market for an absolutely massive Android phone with fittingly impressive specifications, you might be having a hard time choosing between Samsung’s hot new

Galaxy S20 Ultra and the slightly older

Galaxy Note 10+. At 6.7 inches, the

Galaxy S20+ could also enter the conversation, but if you don’t have a small fortune to spend, you should definitely take up top-rated eBay vendor QuickShipElectronics on its latest Note 10+ special offer.

Normally priced at a whopping $1,100 and up in brand-new condition, the 6.8-inch S Pen-wielding powerhouse can be purchased right now in exchange for only $579.99 as an “open box” device. That means these are 100 percent functional handsets, sold with all their original accessories in “slightly distressed” packaging.

Check out the deal in Aura Black and Aura Glow here

While QuickShipElectronics does not provide a lot of details on the cosmetic condition of these bad boys on sale here in “limited quantity” in Aura Black and Aura Glow hues, “open box” usually means you’re dealing with like-new products. Besides, the 99.8 percent positively rated seller throws in a free 1-year warranty, as well as promising two-day deliveries at no cost in the US.

Even better, you can use your affordable Galaxy Note 10+ unit on both Verizon and GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile with absolutely no restrictions or compromises as far as connectivity is concerned. What you don’t get is 5G support, but that’s not exactly a huge loss considering

the modest speeds and/or

spotty coverage of today’s “next-gen” US networks.

At $579.99, this open box unlocked Note 10 Plus with a 1-year warranty included is 620 and 820 bucks cheaper than a brand-new Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra respectively sold by Samsung alongside the manufacturer’s standard warranty. Those are some pretty absurd gaps given that the S20 series cameras are not that much better than the already solid quad shooter setup on the back of the Note 10+. 

The Snapdragon 855 SoC is also not substantially slower than the newer 865 silicon, and incredibly enough, the Galaxy Note 10+ comes with twice the internal storage space of Samsung’s entry-level S20+ and S20 Ultra variants, not to mention an extra S Pen for a nice productivity boost.


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