We found an 85-inch Samsung TV on sale for under $1,700

We found an 85-inch Samsung TV on sale for under $1,700 thumbnail

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By Leah StodartMashable Shopping

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Twitter exploded over the weekend thanks to new episodes of 13 Reasons Why, I May Destroy You, and Issa Rae’s Insecure.

Still on the lineup for this summer are Ryan Murphy’s The Politician, Adventure Time: Distant Lands, and a new season of The Bold Type and Jordan Peele’s adaptation of The Twilight Zone. 

Our point? Your state might be dabbling with a phased re-open, but there’s still a hell of a lot of TV to watch this summer. If you’ve spent your time in isolation DIY-ing and redecorating your humble abode, consider a 4K TV as the next addition to bring your living space together.

Here are our favorite 4K TV deals this week:

And here are more deals, organized by brand, then size, then price:






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