Warzone & Vanguard players relieved to learn hacker-filled Beta isn’t using new anti-cheat

Warzone & Vanguard players relieved to learn hacker-filled Beta isn’t using new anti-cheat thumbnail

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone players alike have been a little freaked out by the amount of hackers overrunning Vanguard’s Beta — but there’s some good news. As shared by a reputable insider, the actual anti-cheat hasn’t been deployed yet.

The CoD hacking situation is a fiery one. While the franchise’s titles were relatively unscathed in earlier years, the transition to crossplay with PC has meant a lot more hackers, most notably impacting the Warzone community and CDL Challengers.

So there’s a lot riding on Vanguard’s release, since it’s supposed to bring a new anti-cheat that CoD’s devs are very, very confident in.

But Vanguard’s Beta is here and there has been no dropoff in hackers, leaving many concerned that the anti-cheat is not living up to its hype. Cue insider Tom Henderson, who comforted everyone and spilled the beans: no, the Beta isn’t using the upcoming anti-cheat.

For those wondering why there’s so many hackers in the #Vanguard Beta, it’s because the Beta is using the exact same anti-cheat as Warzone (which has been compromised).

New anti-cheat will be coming once Vanguard releases, but it’s definitely concerning seeing so many hackers.

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) September 20, 2021

As Henderson explains, the Vanguard Beta isn’t using the new anti-cheat. Instead, it’s still on Warzone’s system, which unfortunately “has been compromised” (to put it lightly). While many remain skeptical about the upcoming security system, there’s still some optimism and generally seems to be some relief that Vanguard’s anti-cheat isn’t the one getting torched during the Beta.

There are a lot of hackers and that’s not ideal, but it would be even worse if the new anti-cheat had been cracked that quickly. So this is a good news and bad news situation — the good news: there’s still hope for Vanguard’s anti-cheat, the bad news: man, cheaters have had a field day with the current security measures.

Wait this cheater had walls in the Vanguard Beta and when we called him out he made the whole game end. I’m actually mindblowd! pic.twitter.com/2rz9ARSOVd

— EasyStomps (@EasyStomps) September 19, 2021

So far, the hacker situation in Warzone and the Vanguard Beta has continued to be a mess. The latter has only existed for a couple weeks, but hackers are already ending games on a whim and selling cheats at absurdly cheap prices.

But, sometimes you’ve got to look on the bright side. It’s annoying that there are hackers running rampant and that an effective anti-cheat isn’t already available, but at least we’ll be moving on from this compromised anti-cheat for a new (and hopefully better) one in November.

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