Vulcan Is Closing ‘The Living Computers: Museum + Labs’ In Seattle

Vulcan Is Closing 'The Living Computers: Museum + Labs' In Seattle thumbnail

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Vulcan Is Closing ‘The Living Computers: Museum Labs’ In Seattle (



from the hopefully-only-temporary dept.

Flexagon writes: Buried in the news of several closures by Vulcan, a venture by the late Paul Allen, is that Seattle’s Living Computers museum is among the closures, along with Seattle’s Cinerama movie theater.

“Two museums under the Vulcan wing, closed because of the pandemic, will also remain shuttered: the Living Computers: Museum Labs and the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum,” reports The Seattle Times. “For both, the Vulcan statement said, the coming months will be a time to evaluate ‘if, how and when to reopen.’ The Living Computers: Museum Labs, described on Vulcan’s website as ‘the world’s largest collection of fully restored supercomputers, mainframes, minicomputers and more,’ opened in Sodo in 2012 and was expanded in 2016. Its offerings included not only selections from Allen’s vast personal collection, but hands-on exhibits on virtual reality, self-driving cars, robotics, and computer-generated art and music.”



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