Video: Nintendo Releases Two New Commercials For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Despite the classic AC art style, the level of detail in this game looks absolutely astounding! I’m really looking forward to this game! I imagine I’ll spend many hours decking out my home and island!


I love that nighttime clip with the owls!

Come on, March 20!


I can’t wait for the game to come out


There was an Owl (real animal) in the forest from the commercial while at the same time there are Celeste and (probably) Blathers as Anthromorphic Owl. 🤨


oh my gosh!! you can actually play the ocarina!! <3 ahh so those who were thinking about the ocarina being playable as a joke was right. ..That means you can play instruments o A o! Just like Tongari Boushi To Mahou No Machi 3DS which i do hope there is an english release date for it on the switch. Anyway the game allows you to play instruments, with your villagers.


The owls…THE OWLS!!!!!


Ugh… I just can’t wait anymore.

Can’t March 20th come any faster?


The second video shows a three level high island, so if that’s actual gameplay it means you’re not limited to two levels of elevation.



@Anti-Matter @neogyo it’s not too strange when you really think of it. I mean, in the real world we have humans, but other, non-sapient apes/monkeys are still around too.

I find it pretty easy to imagine a world where many different intelligent species evolved. What I find less likely is them getting along. Maybe Animal Crossing has a secret dark history of warfare among the different groups until a just hero united the world and brought peace!


This game is stunning


Playing the Ocarina is confirmed!


@Heavyarms55 well that was the best comment I’ve read here in a loooong time ! This has all gone planet of the apes in a nice way…


@k8sMum there were owls on the bulletin board in new leaf too, why are people acting like this is new? Did no one play new leaf?


@Megz3 Yes, as unbelieveable as it sounds. Some of us never got Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Personally, I waited for a Wii U version that never happened, even though we got these on Wii U:

; 1. Animal Crossing: Plaza,

; 2. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival + tons of amiibo,

; 3. Animal Crossing: Wild World (Virtual Console),

; 4. Animal Crossing: Sweet Day (Nintendo Land),

; 5. Animal Crossing Villager joins Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

; 6. Animal Crossing Villager joins Mario Kart 8.

Feels weird to have so many new Animal Crossing related things on the Wii U but not a new main game.

So, yeah, the last Animal Crossing game I played was Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City on Wii from 2009-2010. I waited 10 years for the next big screen title! We don’t just get the new stuff from the Switch version but the 3DS stuff will also be brandnew for us. ^^


u can play the ocarina ! !


@SKTTR I would not be surprised if a full meat AC would have happened, if the Wii U hadn’t flopped. Even for first party releases, it’s hard to justify all the work that would go into a game like AC on a console that’s sold like broccoli in a school lunch cafeteria…

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