Unique Apex Legends Wraith cosplay looks ready to jump into the void

Unique Apex Legends Wraith cosplay looks ready to jump into the void thumbnail

Wraith can travel through portals in Apex Legends, an ability no human can perform in real life, but one cosplayer has pulled off the look so well she looks like she could enter the Void at any second. 

Respawn Entertainment have developed a mega-successful battle royale title, but many might be surprised to see just how much the cosplay community has flourished since its February 2019 release.

Many players have come forward with their own creative takes on the different legends involved in the Apex Games, and while Revenant might be the hottest addition to the game, another astonishingly accurate cosplay of one of the game’s originals has been revealed.

Apex Legends' Voidwalker event.

There have been many Wraith skins in Apex Legends, but this cosplayer’s was nothing like her Voidwalker skin.

It’s usually the case that cosplayers will promote their own work, posting to social media and encouraging people to share their designs online, but this time it was actually a friend of a cosplayer who put their look forward by posting it to the Apex Legends subreddit.

The outfit, created by Instagram cosplayer Raeganocosplay, was met with a warm embrace from the community, with many dropping some comments about how accurately they managed to recreate the Wraith character. Those who follow her on social media will know her designs aren’t limited to Apex Legends, trying out cosplays for World of Warcraft as well in the past.

As seen in the Reddit post below, Raegano mixed up the look of the legend’s outfit design by personalising it with her own pink and black color scheme, something that was picked up by a few fans. Other fantastic features of the image include the bright white eyes, hairstyle and attention to detail on the front of the suit – incorporating wires into the design. The post has since received hundreds of upvotes.

“That’s actually super cool!” one Redditor said, while another added to the thread: “Thats a sick color theme.”

The photographer who captured the design, That_Cheech, admitted in the comments that they had never really been an Apex Legends fan – and hardly played it – but after seeing this cosplay and how cool the character looks in-game, they may be tempted to jump into World’s Edge sometime soon.

This, of course, isn’t the first Wraith cosplay that’s been shared in the community, but it might be one of the best we’ve seen yet!

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