Twitch streamer demands fans donate hourly or he’ll quit Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty can certainly be a frustrating game when things don’t go your way. One Twitch streamer had such a bad time, however, that he pleaded for hourly donations from his fans just so the broadcast could continue.

Whether you’ve been one kill away from a nuke and lost it, or simply been spawn-killed by some long-distance ‘noob-tubes,’ we’ve all experienced our fair share of frustration when playing Call of Duty over the years.

Taking a trip down memory lane in Call of Duty 4 through the Modern Warfare remaster, partnered Twitch streamer WingsOfRedemption grew so frustrated he outright refused to play any further unless viewers donated a set amount.

Modern Warfare Remastered campaign
Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare was remastered in 2016 but this streamer couldn’t bring himself to continue playing.

Throughout a February 5 broadcast, the streamer with over 150,000 followers had just lost another map despite going mostly positive. Venting his frustration just 40 minutes into his Modern Warfare session, he made a simple demand to viewers in his chat that may have wanted him to keep streaming.

“I hate to be like this, but if you want this stream to continue, it’s gonna be $10 an hour,” he outlined. “We need to make $10 in donations per hour for this sh*t to continue or I’m just gonna get off.”

Clearly not enjoying his time with the FPS, he put the ball in his viewers’ court, explaining he would only continue to subject himself to the frustrating gameplay if spectators paid up. Reacting with nothing but laughter and emotes in the chat, it seemed no viewers actually parted with their hard-earned cash.

While many of those tuned-in suggested that he play something else, or even to “get a job,” the streamer was adamant and refused to continue playing the game much longer before shutting his broadcast off for the day.

Going into detail on just why he was having such a difficult time playing the game on-stream, he bluntly said the experience simply wasn’t “any fun at all.”

“Why do people always want to f*** with me to this level? These people are stopping me from trying to earn a living at this point. It’s not fun when you’ve got six motherfu**ers on the enemy team throwing smoke grenades and you’ve got four guys on your team going 0-15.”

He later went on to Tweet about the experience as well, outlining the session reminded him of why he once “stopped playing Call of Duty” in the past.

Today’s stream is the reason I stopped playing call of duty

— Jordie Jordan (@WORGODICP) February 5, 2020

In total, the broadcast lasted for just under an hour before he quit mid-game, backed out to the PlayStation 4 home page and switched off his stream. Evidently, not enough donations were provided to keep his morale up.

WingsOfRedemption isn’t the first frustrated streamer to break down and make similar demands either, with BadBunny recently lashed out at her viewers for not subscribing to her channel and asking for them to open their wallets.

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