This factory recertified Surface Book is just $879

This factory recertified Surface Book is just $879 thumbnail

Beloved by critics and users alike, the Microsoft Surface Book has earned its reputation as being an incredibly powerful and versatile laptop that can be used for a virtually limitless number of creative and professional tasks. This factory recertified model offers the same quality you’d expect from its brand-new equivalent for a fraction of the price: just $879.

Unlike some refurbished plans that don’t deliver the same bells and whistles that accompany new models, factory re-certified laptops are meticulously inspected in order to ensure that they work just as well as new models, and their warranties are completely reset.

This factory recertified Surface Book sports an incredibly fast Intel Core i7 processor that can handle even the most power-hungry tasks, a brilliant 13.5-inch display that’s perfect for working on creative projects and watching movies, and 16GB of RAM that make it easy to work with multiple apps simultaneously.

You also get 512GB of super-fast onboard storage that will reduce your reliance on the cloud, and the latest Windows 10 OS makes it easy to start working with pro-level apps and tools right out of the box.

This laptop even comes loaded with a top-rated NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card—making it ideal for gaming fanatics.

Plus, by purchasing a refurbished model, you’ll be keeping one less laptop out of a landfill, which is important giving the staggering amount of e-waste produced each year.

Treat yourself to a powerful and portable laptop that won’t break the bank. This factory re-certified Microsoft Surface Book is currently available for just $879.

Prices are subject to change.

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