This cozy bedside lamp is actually a high-tech charger and speaker system

This cozy bedside lamp is actually a high-tech charger and speaker system thumbnail

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Save space and money.
Save space and money.

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TL;DR: Get three useful devices in one with the Tree of Light: Wireless Charger + Bluetooth Speaker + LED Lamp for $129.99, a 13% savings. 

Many of the coolest tech devices look like props stolen from the set of Star Trek — and that’s great if you have a more futuristic aesthetic. But the truth is there are plenty of design-conscious shoppers out there that, while they want the most functional gadgets on the market, opt for devices that look more analog. Translation? They want their abode to look and feel more like a home and less like a spaceship. 

Sound like you? Well, the good news is there are plenty of devices out there that, while highly functional, still look like your typical household products. Take, for instance, the Tree of Light Wireless Charger — on sale for $129.99 — which combines the functionality of a bedside lamp, wireless charger, and Bluetooth speaker into one design. 

At first glance, this device looks like any ol’ nightstand lamp. But, as your parents taught you, don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Tree of Light lamp replaces the need for practically all your bedside gadgets, including a reading lamp, phone charger, and Bluetooth speaker. This is thanks to its multi-functional design, which features a wireless charging base that can give Qi-enabled phones a quick burst of battery when they’re running on low, a compact speaker system which can connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled devices for crystal clear streaming, and an adjustable cherry wood shade lamp that can help you customize your levels of brightness at night. Users can also program the gadget to shut off automatically after 30 minutes of use, ensuring that they don’t waste precious energy if they pass out with the lights or music still on.

While the Tree of Light Wireless Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, and LED Lamp multifunctional device typically costs $149.99, Mashable readers can get one for just $129.99. It’s a steal when you think of the cost of purchasing each of those items individually.

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