These are the mounts you should use to save space with your Nest Wifi

These are the mounts you should use to save space with your Nest Wifi thumbnail

The new Google Nest Wifi router could end up taking over more and more homes over the next few months and beyond. With an improved design, and the fact that each of these “hubs” is also a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker, it’ll liekly be a home run. If you don’t want to just sit these on a desk or table, however, and want to mount them on the wall, these are the best mounts you can get.

Save some space

Wasserstein AC Outlet Mount

Staff pick

Wasserstein’s AC Outlet Mount requires a bit more assembly than others since you’ll need to remove the existing outlet cover plate. Once installed, however, this mount is capable of holding your Nest WiFi or anything weighting seven pounds. Best of all, you’ll still have easy access to the other AC outlet after the cable has been tucked away.

$8 at Amazon

Simple bracket

Delidigi Wall Mount Bracket

The Delidigi Wall Mount Bracket provides a different approach to keeping your Nest Wifi tucked away and the cable hidden. This design allows you to wrap it beneath the mount, and then screw the mount itself into the wall. Delidigi also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty.

$12 at Amazon

For the Point

Nest WiFi Point Genie

If you are truly attempting to get the best Wi-Fi coverage possible, then you’ll need some mounts for the Nest Wifi point. The Nest Wifi Point Genie offers a simple solution for keeping cables organized, and the points out of harms way. Simply wrap the cable within the mount, install the point, and plug it into your outlet of choice.

$15 at Amazon

Ultra versatile

The Easy Outlet Shelf by Mount Genie

Mount Genie’s Easy Outlet Shelf is another option that requires you to tinker with your outlet’s cover plate. You’ll need to unscrew the existing cover plate ever so slightly, place the Outlet Shelf inside, then tighten the screws. Then, you’ll be able to mount your Nest Wifi on top of the shelf and wrap the cable underneath.

$15 at Amazon


STANSTAR Sturdy Outlet Wall Mount

Hiding cables is the name of the game since the Nest Wifi comes with a super-long power cable that can be unsightly. The STANSTAR Sturdy Outlet Wall Mount helps to combat this with its built-in cable management, and easy installation. Just wrap the cable in the grooves on the bottom, mount the Nest Wifi, and then plug it into your outlet of choice.

$16 at Amazon

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