Theory suggests MW3 maps coming to Modern Warfare in Season 3

Theory suggests MW3 maps coming to Modern Warfare in Season 3 thumbnail

One Call of Duty fan has shared their theory as to what players can expect in Modern Warfare Season 3 and, if correct, fans of 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 can certainly get excited. 

Modern Warfare has been criticized by the Call of Duty community for a number of its features, including alleged skill-based matchmaking and the absence of prestiging. However, it has been largely praised by fans for their seasonal content model. 

Following in the footsteps of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, Modern Warfare’s seasons see new content regularly added throughout its life. This has included a host of older Infinity Ward multiplayer maps, including Shipment, Vacant and, most recently, Rust. 

Modern Warfare 2's Rust.
Infinity Ward

Plenty of CoD player feuds were settled on Modern Warfare 2’s Rust.

However, one fan has noticed a discernible and believable pattern to Infinity Ward’s content distribution, which is heavily suggestive that content for Season 3 will be drawn from 2011’s Modern Warfare 3. 

The theory, posted to Reddit on February 15, points out that content from the original Modern Warfare was released in Season One. This came in the form of multiplayer maps Shipment and Vacant. 

Similarly, content from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 came in Season 2. Here, players received the infamous multiplayer map Rust, as well as a re-skin of the UMP SMG, a gun popularised in CoD thanks to its strength in Modern Warfare 2. 

Following this trend would mean Season 3’s content is drawn from Modern Warfare 3. The fan who posted the theory to Reddit speculated that players will see Dome, arguably the most popular map from the 2011 title. 

However, if the theory proves true, there is a host of exciting content fans could be treated to. Other multiplayer maps from MW3 that could be added include Resistance and Hardhat.

If the trend of adding nostalgic weapons also rings true, we could soon see the L118A or MSR sniper rifles, or the ACR assault rifle. 

Infinity Ward

Resistance was a very popular map from Modern Warfare 3, and would fit nicely in 2019’s Modern Warfare.

It goes without saying that this remains just a theory, and could be entirely coincidental. Regardless, the post excited fans, especially those who have a soft spot for the often underrated MW3.

Given the length of Season 1 – just over 2 months – it seems likely we’ll see Season Three around mid-April to early-May. For now, then, players can just sit back and enjoy the wealth of content Season Two has brought. 

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