The WHO is using a WhatsApp bot to keep everyone updated on the coronavirus

The WHO is using a WhatsApp bot to keep everyone updated on the coronavirus thumbnail

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Source: World Health Organization

As fears around the coronavirus intensify, social media is abuzz with information pertaining to the virus. WhatsApp, often the primary vector for many disinformation campaigns, is now being used by the World Health Organization to set the record straight on COVID-19 (via GSMArena).

To receive updates on #COVID19 from WHO add this number— +41 79 893 18 92 to your contacts and send a @WhatsApp message. You’ll automatically be registered to receive updates and also have an option to ask for more information as shown below.

— WHO Uganda (@WHOUganda) March 20, 2020

Add +41 79 893 18 92 to your contact list, and you’ll be able to meet the WHO’s WhatsApp bot. Sending it a text (you can say anything) will sign you up to automatically receive the latest updates from the WHO on the pandemic.

In addition, you also get the option to query it for any information regarding the virus using a numbered query system that should be familiar to you if you’ve ever used a USSD/Quick Code to check your mobile balance. Even better, you can use emojis for the same purpose.

Some of the available options include the latest stats for the virus’ spread, questions about preventative measures, and a fact sheet dispelling some common myths about the illness. There’s also an option to donate, if you’re feeling generous.

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