That Really Good Nest Hub 2-Pack for $129 Deal is Back

That Really Good Nest Hub 2-Pack for $129 Deal is Back thumbnail

If you happened to miss the crazy-good deal Best Buy had on a 2-pack of Nest Hub smart displays, it’s back, but not quite as good as it was. Previously, you could score a Nest Hub 2-pack for just $99, but this week, the deal is back at $129 for a 2-pack. That’s essentially a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offer. Still, not bad at all for Google’s smaller smart display.

If you’re simply unfamiliar with this product, then allow me to explain. Nest Hub is powered by Google Assistant, capable of answering your never-ending questions to Google, controlling various aspects of your smart home, playing videos for you from select services, and also playing music from streaming sites like Spotify and Google Play Music. They’re extremely handy in kitchens and in the office.

Both color options are available via Best Buy, which is Charcoal and Chalk

Best Buy Links: Charcoal | Chalk

Cheers Kenny!

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