Tfue weighs in on FaZe Dubs suspension after racial slur controversy

Tfue weighs in on FaZe Dubs suspension after racial slur controversy thumbnail

Twitch star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney called the clip of Fortnite pro player Daniel ‘Dubs’ Walsh dropping a racial slur “cringe,” but added he doesn’t think it means the World Cup competitor is a bad person.

Dubs was suspended indefinitely from FaZe after a clip of him using a racial slur on another player’s stream surfaced on Reddit.

Tfue didn’t seem to be making excuses for Dubs, but did call the whole situation “weird.”

“Just because someone says the n-word doesn’t mean they’re racist, like I don’t think f**king Dubs is obviously racist,” the former FaZe Clan member explained on stream. “But it is f**king weird that he would say it, like in his off time you know?”

Tenney said the whole situation was made that much worse because Dubs said what he said apparently intentionally on another player’s stream, and not just as a “slip-up” on his own channel.

“When you say it on stream and it’s an obvious slip up you can tell, like when my dumb ass said it,” Tfue continued, referencing an incident from 2019. “But he’s just saying it, like with his boys, kinda f*cking cringe.”

Tfue did acknowledge Dubs is still pretty young, but he didn’t think that was a total get out of jail free card for what he said.

“He’s also like, 10, not that that makes it better, but when we’re kids we all do dumb shit, you know?” the streamer said before responding to a viewer. “It was on accident? I don’t think you say the hard r on accident.”

The former FaZe Clan member was suspended for a week from Twitch back in 2018 for using a racial slur himself, and there was another incident of him using another one in 2019, though he wasn’t banned on that occasion.

Dubs apologized for the clip on Twitter shortly before FaZe announced his suspension, but his final fate with FaZe Clan following the suspension remains unknown.

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