Surface Duo folding phone spotted in the wild with apparent camera upgrade (Update: Caught on video)

Surface Duo folding phone spotted in the wild with apparent camera upgrade (Update: Caught on video) thumbnail

The Surface Duo is shaping up to be one of the more interesting Android devices of 2020, assuming it won’t be delayed. It’s Microsoft’s first Android device, with a unique hardware design that seeks to be a sturdier alternative to true folding phones. Now we have the first real-world photos of the foldable, and there might be some changes since the original announcement.

Israel Rodriguez on Twitter saw the device in action on a train in Vancouver, presumably belonging to an employee from Microsoft’s Vancouver campus. The device looks exactly like it did in the original announcement, but the photo shows a white dot next to the front-facing camera.

Hey, not sure if interesting, but I just saw a guy in Vancouver’s SkyTrain playing around with Surface Duo. Got photos and videos.

— Israel Rodriguez (@yzraeu) February 7, 2020

That could be a temporary sticker, but its placement suggests it might also be a camera flash. If that’s the case, Microsoft could be working on improvements to the main camera remember, the Surface Duo doesn’t have a ‘rear’ camera to speak of. Perhaps you’ll be able to flip the device around to point the camera away from you, with the camera viewfinder still facing you, similar to what some 2-in-1 Chromebooks already do.

No rear camera to be seen.

Regardless if that’s a camera flash or a sticker, I’m excited to see what the final product looks like. Microsoft released a preview SDK last month, so developers have some time to develop apps for the platform.

Caught on video

Israel Rodriguez shared a video of the Surface Duo in action. You can see the person holding the phone go through different configurations, from fully open in landscape to shut down, to single portrait or landscape mode. Even as a prototype, the Duo appears to react quickly to changes and adapt its interface accordingly.

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