Space Force’s Rough Launch, Oversight for Facebook, and More News

Space Force's Rough Launch, Oversight for Facebook, and More News thumbnail

Space Force is being mocked and Mark Zuckerberg might get blocked, but first: a cartoon about airplane mode.

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Today’s News

The US Space Force had a rough launch on the internet

The internet has found a new thing to latch onto: President Trump’s Space Force. The barrage began with the unveiling of camouflage uniforms similar to those worn by soldiers operating on Earth, eliciting jokes and GIFs mocking the fact that the uniforms wouldn’t hide anyone in outer space (or in the windowless computer rooms they’ll actually be operating out of). Then Space Force revealed a logo that looked almost identical to the Starfleet logo from Star Trek.

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Oversight Board may kill his political ad policy

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t just Facebook’s CEO, he also controls a majority of the company’s stock, which means he cannot be overruled. But beginning at some point later this year, Zuckerberg’s word will no longer always be the final one. After nearly two years, Facebook is almost done setting up its Oversight Board, an independent panel with the power to override Facebook’s most contentious decisions—like Zuckerberg’s political ad policy that allows politicians to lie with impunity unless they say something illegal. Today, Facebook is releasing a set of bylaws that will determine how the board will operate. Next month it will reveal the names of the first set of content arbiters, starting with around 20 and eventually growing to 40.

Fast Fact: 350+

That’s how many Amazon workers protested after reports emerged that the company threatened to fire employees for speaking out on climate change without proper authorization. The protesters published climate change statements of their own in a Medium post on Sunday, intentionally violating the policy en masse.

WIRED Recommends: Best Soundbar and TV Deals

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and with it comes a great opportunity to update that old screen and add in a sweet soundbar on the cheap. Here are the 15 best deals we found.

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