Sketchy Pixel 4a XL parts leak on eBay, suggesting dual camera on scrapped larger model

Sketchy Pixel 4a XL parts leak on eBay, suggesting dual camera on scrapped larger model thumbnail

Earlier today, 9to5Google exclusively detailed complete specs for the upcoming “Pixel 4a.” We confirmed that only one mid-range phone is launching, but it’s more than likely that Google prototyped an “XL” variant. Thanks to an eBay parts leak, we may now have a look at the scrapped Pixel 4a XL.

An eBay listing for “Google pixel 4a XL Replacement New Battery Back Cover Door” emerged today from a seller with positive feedback located in Shenzhen, China. We see the back panel for what looks to be the “Barely Blue” color we revealed this morning, down to the orange power button.

This is very clearly not just a Pixel 4 XL as the casing is made of plastic, and there’s a hole for the rear fingerprint sensor. You can also see space for the 3.5mm headphone jack up top. What’s wildly different is the camera bump. Instead of a single camera with flash, we see three round cutouts.

This suggests that Google at one point was considering a larger mid-range phone for 2020 with dual cameras. The bump is again different from the 4 given how the flash is located on top instead of below. There are also cutouts for what’s possibly the microphone and spectral/flicker sensor — which is not available on the 3a.

The existence of the latter sensor points to how Google could have differentiated the two models. This XL would have offered a more premium camera experience, while the 4a remains the cheaper $399 phone that’s still pegged for launch.

Ultimately, the fact that this device exists should not be surprising. Google prototypes all sorts of configurations. Internal markings in the bottom-right corner suggest a manufacturing date of September 6, 2019.

What’s now clear is that Google during the development process decided to cancel the larger model and opt for just the Pixel 4a:

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