Royole FlexPai 2 foldable phone will have 5G and a ‘mechanically robust’ hinge

Royole FlexPai 2 foldable phone will have 5G and a 'mechanically robust' hinge thumbnail

Royole said its upcoming FlexPai 2 foldable phone is set to feature a 7.8 inch screen, a Snapdragon 865 processor, and 5G capabilities.


Chinese vendor Royole gave us a sneak peak of what to expect from its second foldable phone, the FlexPai 2, claiming it’ll deliver “significant improvements in every possible way.” The new handset will have a 7.8-inch screen, the newest Snapdragon 865 chipset, a Kyro 585 processor, high-speed LPDDR5 RAM, and 5G capability for nine different bands covering regions including the US, Europe, and China, according to Bill Liu, co-founder and CEO of Royole. 

Along with a new “wearproof” and “mechanically robust” hinge called the “super seamless and stepless hinge,” which runs along the back of the device, the FlexPai 2 will also feature a “thinner and lighter” design than the Royole Flexpai,  Liu said.  

The specs were revealed on Tuesday at an event focused on the announcement of its third-gen Cicada Wing display. Royole’s new flexible screen will first make an appearance on the FlexPai 2 but could potentially be used by other manufacturers such as ZTE.

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Royole reveals FlexPai 2 next-gen foldable display


Royole put itself on the map at CES 2019, when it became one of the world’s first companies to release a foldable phone, beating both Samsung and Huawei to the punch with its FlexPai. The original FlexPai has a bendable 7.8-inch AMOLED screen made of flexible plastic and a 1440p resolution. It folds open and closed like a book. But it also suffers from a clunky, prototype-like design and an unimpressive user interface. 

Since its launch, the FlexPai has mostly been forgotten. Foldable phone rivals such as the Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z-Flip phones and the Huawei Mate XS were quickly launched, packing superior performance, features and design.

The FlexPai 2 won’t be officially unveiled until next quarter, Royole said.

Key specs

  • Processor: Snapdragon 865

  • Display: 7.8 inch flexible display with a 4:3 aspect ratio

  • Cameras: Quad-camera module expected
  • UFS 3.0 storage

  • Dual speakers
  • 5G capability

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Royole FlexPai, the world’s first foldable phone, bends…


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