Riot will introduce more exciting stats to track with League’s upcoming Eternals

Riot will introduce more exciting stats to track with League's upcoming Eternals thumbnail

After Riot Games decided to go back to the drawing board with League of LegendsEternals, the developer is making an effort to create more interesting ways to track in-game stats.

Riot outlined the changes to Eternals today to make the stat tracking more “skill-expressive.” The feature is a way for players to track champion-specific stats to celebrate milestones in and out of the game. The initial consensus from the community was that Eternals weren’t exciting enough. But the addition of more Unique Eternals per champion should spice things up a bit.

“Many of you told us our first series of Eternals wasn’t exciting enough and didn’t let you show off your skill in the ways you wanted,” Riot said. “To address this, we’ve added two more Unique Eternals per champion to their launch sets, with an emphasis on capturing the high moments unique to each champion.”

Unique Eternals track stats that are specific to a champion, such as how many times you’ve landed a long-range Ashe arrow. Common Eternals, on the other hand, track stats that can be applied to all of Runeterra’s legends, like takedowns and epic monsters killed.

Image via Riot Games

To evolve the previously underwhelming Eternals, Riot devs made some changes to the launch series for each champion. One of Vladimir’s stats used to be “Enemy champions killed,” for example, but now it’s “Skillshot missiles dodged with Sanguine Pool (W).”

Each champion will launch with two Eternals series, with each series containing a set of three Eternals per champion. Riot will continue to add more Eternals to the game as it accrues player feedback.

There’s no set date for the release of Eternals. But judging from the extensive overhaul and their PBE debut today, Eternals will likely launch in the near future.

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