Rainbow Six Siege’s ping system getting updated to be akin to Apex Legends

Rainbow Six Siege's ping system getting updated to be akin to Apex Legends thumbnail

Respawn Entertainment changed the game for shooters with its extensive, accessible pinging system in Apex Legends. If you play Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll be very happy to know that Ubisoft is taking notes. Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new ping system. This new system will allow players to ping any gadgets they see. These pings then stay on screen for teammates, as long as the gadgets are within view.

With the revamped ping, players can better coordinate when attacking a point or defending a room, instead of having simply yell over mics and hope that everyone spots the same trophy system, drone or trap.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 is bringing four new seasons, with new operators and weapons for players to master. The first season is expected to kick off in March 2020, with Operation Void Edge serving as the introductory new update. Operation Void Edge has two new operators, Oryx and Iana.

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