Qualcomm promises better voice calls over Bluetooth with aptX Voice

Qualcomm promises better voice calls over Bluetooth with aptX Voice thumbnail

Chances are, your phone and carrier now support HD voice quality for those few times you still make a call. Those calls sound significantly better than regular calls, but if you’re using a Bluetooth headset to make those calls, you don’t get any of the benefits of HD voice because those devices don’t support that codec. Now, with aptX Voice, an evolution of its existing aptX codec, Qualcomm wants to bring high-quality calls to your Bluetooth devices, too.

With aptX Voice, devices will get 32kHz samples audio with a flat 16kHz frequency response quality as part of the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile that accessories use to connect to your phone. That makes for greater call quality, even when somebody is using a speakerphone or talking quietly.

“aptX technology revolutionized the Bluetooth stereo listening experience by bringing unprecedented wireless audio quality, and aptX Voice is set to do the same for voice calls,” said James Chapman, the vice president and general manager for Voice, Music and Wearables at Qualcomm . “As consumers increasingly use wireless headsets and earbuds for making and receiving calls, aptX Voice is the answer to ensuring higher clarity and quality of call experience.”

AptX Voice is now available on the Snapdragon 865 and 765 mobile platforms and will become available for accessories based on Qualcomm’s upcoming range of Bluetooth Audio SoC that will launch in 2020. Until then, you’ll just have to speak a little bit louder.

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