PS5: Amazon Leaked The Price

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Published on Jun 19, 2020

Amazon has officially leaked the price of the PS5 console, rumored to be under 500USD for the version with the disk, and under 400USD for the digital only version.


The PlayStation 5 may be a much cheaper console than we’ve been led to believe. If a recent leak from Amazon France is in fact true, then we may be able to get our hands on one version of the PS5 for under 500 dollars US. Yup, you heard us right, so let’s dive deeper into this price leak.

According to a screenshot by content creator Ben Geskin, Amazon France briefly listed the price of the PS5 before taking it down. It seems like the standard PS5 will cost 499 euros and the Digital Edition will cost 399 euros. Now, we know that not everyone watching this video lives in Europe so we decided to convert those prices to US dollars. In USD, the standard PS5 will be 560 dollars and the Digital Edition will set you back 450 dollars. In addition to the prices, Amazon France even leaked November 20, 2020 as the release date of the console. If this is the case, then the PS5 Digital Edition will definitely be the way to go, but according to tech experts, the standard PS5 shouldn’t be more than 50 bucks more expensive than it’s all digital brother.

There’s more to the PS5 price leaks than just that so enjoy the video, let us know how much you think both versions of the PS5 are going to cost in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more gaming content.

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