Pokimane stunned after viewer baits her into watching fake Ninja TikTok

Pokimane stunned after viewer baits her into watching fake Ninja TikTok thumbnail

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys was left speechless after a donator baited her into watching a Ninja TikTok video. Only problem is, it was fake and highly inappropriate. 

Successful Twitch streamers have a good relationship with their audience, and a part of that dynamic is engaging with them through donations. Viewers give them money in the hopes of being noticed, or having their message read aloud.

Unfortunately, tricksters abuse that system to try to get the personality into trouble. Pokimane learned that the hard way during her February 16 broadcast when a donation saw her watching a fake video featuring Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins.

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The streaming personality is the most popular female channel on Twitch.

Pokimane baited by donation prank

The streamer was in the middle of her broadcast when a donation came in that said, “Hey Poki have you seen Ninja’s new Tik-Tok? Poggers!” After the message finished, she opened up YouTube to check it out.

The video started out as Ninja’s TikTok collaboration with Jeffree Star that was posted on January 30. “Oh, I saw…” she began to say, before the clip cut to a naked man shaking his rear instead of the makeup mogul.

Pokimane quickly ended the video before it could show too much on stream, and was stunned by what she’d seen. “Oh my God…” she exhaled, before placing her hand on her chest.

The streaming star continued to breathe heavy, and exclaimed, “Oh my God! That was so scary. Oh my God!” She continued to be taken aback by the sneaky prank that tried to get her to show something inappropriate during her broadcast.

However, she quickly realized that she had paused just in time before it fully showed nudity. “Oh thank God! Oh! The reflexes, man!” she said to her chat.”Okay, ’cause I have seen that one. But NOT that version! I saw that one, but not that version. I saw the actual Jeffree Star version!”

The Twitch personality often views content suggested by those that donate to her stream. However, this was clearly unexpected and not the usual safe material suggested by her chat.

If nothing else, this serves as a good lesson that streamers can’t always trust their chat. Although viewers trying to trick Pokimane better think twice, because she clearly has cat-like reflexes due to being used to online trolls by now.

The Moroccan Canadian streamer is the top female channel on Twitch, with over 3.9 million followers as of the time of writing.

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