Pokemon Home Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch, Android

Pokemon Home Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch, Android thumbnail

Pokemon Home is now available to download on Nintendo Switch. The cloud-based subscription service, which allows you to transfer Pokemon from previous games into Pokemon Sword and Shield among other features, was previously announced for a February 2020 release window, but the specific date was not confirmed.

Like Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Home allows you to store Pokemon you’ve caught across various games. There are two versions of Pokemon Home: the Nintendo Switch app and the mobile app. The mobile version has distinct features, including trading, and is a companion app to the Switch one rather than an alternative. The Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS versions are all now available to download.

There are also two pricing plans for Pokemon Home overall. The free version includes most of the service’s features but in a limited capacity, while the paid version gives you perks like added storage. One month of Pokemon Home Premium costs $3, three months is $5, and 12 months is $16. See the full breakdown of both pricing plans for details.

To commemorate the launch of Pokemon Home, The Pokemon Company is offering a free month of Pokemon Bank, the storage service on 3DS–as well as the related Poke Transporter app, which is used to migrate Pokemon from DS games over to Bank. Pokemon Bank typically costs $5 USD per year, so this promotion means that players looking to transfer Pokemon from their 3DS games via Bank to Pokemon Home won’t have to pay for two (or any) subscription fees to do it.

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