‘Pokemon Go’: Galarian Farfetch’d and Mega Evolution coming to game

‘Pokemon Go’: Galarian Farfetch’d and Mega Evolution coming to game thumbnail

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“Pokemon Go” received a few surprises at the Pokemon Direct this morning with the announcement of Galarian Farfetch’d and Mega Evolutions coming to the game.

The Galarian version of the Wild Duck Pokemon evolves into Sirfetch’d, making it possibly one of the more intriguing pocket monsters in the game. Along with the new subspecies, players will also find new outfits inspired by the “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” expansions that are coming out today. Galarian Farfetch’d will be around for 24 hours only — 6 a.m. June 17 to 6 a.m. June 18 — so grab as many as you can.

The bigger news is that “Pokemon Go” will be introducing Mega Evolution to the mobile game. This could be a game-changer, with the new forms possibly dominating player-vs.-player competition and raids. Plus, Mega Evolution Pokemon have some of the most intriguing designs in the game’s universe. I mean look at this blue-flamed Charizard. Perhaps, this will be one of the big reveals at Pokemon Go Fest 2020.

Speaking of that event, it appears that Victini, the victory Pokemon, will be the mythical pocket monster available at Pokemon Go Fest 2020.

The other big piece of news is the announcement of “New Pokemon Snap.” The original was a spin-off on the Nintendo 64 and the company is finally bringing back the cult classic with the help of Bandai Namco. According to the website, players will explore deserts, jungles and other locales as they take pictures of pocket monsters in the wild. It’s a game where players essentially step into the shoes of a National Geographic photographer, but instead of taking images of wolves and elephants, they’ll be snapping photos of Pokemon. It’s an intriguing concept that lets players see Pokemon walking in herds or interacting with creatures. It’s a follow-up that fans have been begging for, for decades.

Lastly, to celebrate the release of Isle of Armor expansion for “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield,” players will have the chance of battling the mythical Pokemon Zeraora via Max Raid Battles. If 1 million people globally win the award, trainers can receive a shiny Zeraora.

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