Panasonic’s Slimmer, Ultra-High Resolution Virtual Reality Glasses

Panasonic’s Slimmer, Ultra-High Resolution Virtual Reality Glasses thumbnail

Dissimilar to most VR glasses available now (which are oftentimes bulky, cumbersome and not very stylish), the contemporary design of Panasonic’s new HDR(1)-capable eyeglasses helps position the company as a new industry leader. With potential use cases in entertainment and sports, work, healthcare, advertising and even architecture, the innovation of new VR accessories is inevitable and welcome—and though plenty have evolved from their initial concept mock-ups into attractive products, Panasonic’s as-yet unnamed iteration surpasses most.

Rather than require users to immerse their head (in a helmet-type contraption) for the sake of entertainment, this iteration sits more like a pair of glasses. The frames supports a pair of ultra-rich earbuds and minimal wiring. The lenses—which call to mind steampunk swim goggles—provide a presentation without interruption or the “screen-door effect,” lines at the points of transition for the pixels.

This isn’t the only significant separation between this pair and others currently on offer. These are officially the first VR glasses to accommodate HDR(1), a resolution bound to be more readily available once 5G reaches a wider consumer base. It’s uncertain though, as Panasonic insists this is merely a reference product, what the final release will truly be capable of—though it could be much more than they’ve already divulged.

Images courtesy of Panasonic

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