One of League of Legends’ oldest memes comes to life with new Pajama Guardian Urgot skin

One of League of Legends' oldest memes comes to life with new Pajama Guardian Urgot skin thumbnail

Urgot mains and League of Legends fans from around the world have plenty of reason to rejoice come April 1.

Riot Games unveiled the Pajama Guardian Urgot skin today, which will accompany the already revealed Pengu Cosplay Tristana and Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar. The three adorable skins will likely hit the stores on April Fools’ Day.

Urgot’s new cosmetic gives him a baby blue cat onesie, a new ice blue gemstone for a mask, and gold trimmings. And let’s not forget the cute kitty slippers to adorn all six of his legs.

The toxic bruiser’s back animation changes to include an angel-like cat floating above before Urgot grabs it from the air and hugs it a little too hard. Urgot’s shield is replaced with a rainbow aura and the bullet cases pouring out of his chain gun are now multi-colored sparkles.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The canister thrown out for the champion’s Corrosive Charge (Q) changes into a winged kitty that shoots out of his arm, too.

The new skin brings to life a longtime community meme. After one fan created a Star Guardian Urgot cosmetic, the community wanted the hilarious skin to actually hit the Rift.

Image via Star Guardian Urgot Facebook page

But League product manager I am Carlos previously explained that the champion “doesn’t really make sense in the two teams of Star Guardians” in a Star Guardian AMA from two years ago. The product manager also explained that Baker Pantheon was created from a community meme but “most players actually didn’t want to play the skin.”

It seems like those reservations were put aside in the creation of Urgot’s new skin. Though it doesn’t resemble the original Star Guardian meme too much, the sentiment will certainly be appreciated by the community.

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