Now There Are Official Pokémon ASMR Videos

Now There Are Official Pokémon ASMR Videos thumbnail

Want to listen to Chespin munching on a stack of sweets? How about Charmander curled up next to a crackling fire? Now you can, courtesy of Pokémon Kids TV’s official ASMR videos.

Auditory sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is a tingling sensation that comes from listening to certain sounds. Lips smacking, keyboards clicking, chewing, hair being brushed—if a sound has ever made you pleasantly shiver, that’s ASMR.

Over the past year, Nintendo’s been doing a series of Sights & Sounds of ASMR videos featuring people playing Switch games in various places. Now The Pokémon Company is getting in on the act. Put on a pair of headphones and listen to Chespin having a snack. It’s sort of soothing.

If you prefer your ASMR more natural and elemental, Charmander resting by a crackling fire is for you. I could fall asleep to this one.

*snores softly*

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