New Pokemon Snap Revealed For Nintendo Switch 20 Years After Original

New Pokemon Snap Revealed For Nintendo Switch 20 Years After Original thumbnail

During a special Pokemon Presents video presentation, The Pokemon Company has revealed a brand-new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch: New Pokemon Snap. The spin-off, which is based on the cult classic Nintendo 64 game, involves taking photos of Pokemon in various locales. Despite developing a loyal following, it remained the sole game in its sub-series for two decades, even as camera-equipped and motion-control-equipped systems were released by Nintendo.

New Pokemon Snap takes you to islands with a variety of locales, including jungles and beaches, where you can “research various Pokemon in their natural habitats.” The photos you take in the game will build up a Photodex, which is undoubtedly similar to the Pokedex from the main series Pokemon games. The company also says you’ll be able to discover “new, never-before-seen Pokemon expressions and behaviors” by doing so.

The original Pokemon Snap was released in 1999 and was well-received by critics and fans. We recently counted it among our favorite Pokemon spin-offs, and it’s one that fans have been hoping to see make some kind of comeback on Switch for some time now. The new game is being developed by Bandai Namco Studios, which has also partnered with Nintendo on other exclusive series such as Super Smash Bros. Thus far, there is no release date.

In other Pokemon-related news, the first DLC for Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, is out today. To commemorate the release, there will be a special Zeraora Max Raid event from now until June 28.

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