New Museum’s NEW INC + Ruinart’s “Forever First” Mixed Reality Pop-Up

New Museum’s NEW INC + Ruinart’s “Forever First” Mixed Reality Pop-Up thumbnail

Set in New Museum‘s often-private and appropriately named Sky Room, the art institution’s incubation unit, NEW INC, presents two virtual reality artworks with historic Champagne house Ruinart. The limited run, open-to-the-public exhibition, Forever First, debuts the augmented reality experience “Dawn Chorus,” by current NEW INC member Reese Donohue, who collaborated with artist Sarah Meyohas. In conjunction, the exhibit features the award-winning virtual reality project “Tree,” by NEW INC alumni team Milica Zec and Winslow Porter.

“Dawn Chorus” taps many senses as it travels through environments both real and imagined. Users and the surrounding audience factor into the visuals, as the former witness virtual birds encircling the room’s real-life Yamaha piano. Working in harmony, the frequency of musical scales and the bird’s flight path follow the same statistical pattern. For “Tree,” users transform from a seedling into a mature rainforest tree. Multiple senses, scent included, are active along the way. It’s a meaningful, experiential work.

The pop-up will open to all museum ticket-holders, on a first come basis, across 1-2 February. The Sky Room will also host a Ruinart Champagne bar between the work.

Images courtesy of Matteo Prandoni/

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