Modern Warfare Season 4 ‘Rytec AMR’ Weapon Gameplay Leaked

Modern Warfare Season 4 'Rytec AMR' Weapon Gameplay Leaked thumbnail

Activision recently released a roadmap for Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 4 via one of its blog posts. This roadmap provides an overview of what to expect over the next two or so months, including new maps, weapons, and modes.

The roadmap references a new map called Cheshire Park in addition to the brand new Rytec AMR weapon. They will presumably launch via a mid-season update.

Modern Warfare Season Four Roadmap via Activision

From what it seems, the Rytek AMR is somewhat of a hybrid of both the HDR and Barret .50cal.

Infinity Ward hasn’t specified a release date for this new weapon as of yet. However, since we are now approaching the middle of Season 4 it shouldn’t be too far away.

Sources: TheGamingRevolution, @BKTOOR_, and YouTube ‘Nickcool2901’


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