Livestreams looking cloudy? Save 20% on this screen cleaner bundle.

Livestreams looking cloudy? Save 20% on this screen cleaner bundle. thumbnail

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It provides over 1,500 sprays.
It provides over 1,500 sprays.

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TL;DR: Keep your screens sparkling clean with the Screen Mom™ Screen Cleaning Super Bundle for $23.99, a 20% savings as of May 30.

We use our screens every day – even more so recently. All those fingerprints, particles in the air, and oils from who knows where can really lead to a smudged, gunked-up mess. So, while you’ve been blaming your poor internet connection for the low-res quality of live streams lately, it might’ve just needed a good old-fashioned deep cleaning all along.

It’s not all about looks, either. Including your screens in your regular cleaning routine can help prevent germs and bacteria from building up on your devices. And honestly, you don’t even want to know what kind of gross things can live on them. 

If you want to clean up your screens and disinfect your devices, grab yourself this Screen Mom™ Screen Cleaning Super Bundle, on sale for 20% off.

This bundle includes a 16-ounce bottle of screen cleaning potion, which provides over 1,500 sprays, and five microfiber towels to help you eliminate those pesky fingerprints, smudges, dust, streaks, and other debris in just a few swipes. 

Check it out: 

With 4.7 out of 5 stars out of nearly 900 ratings on Amazon, it’s safe to say this spray works wonders on laptop screens, computer monitors, TVs, phones, and tablets. 

Grab the Screen Mom™ Super Bundle for just $23.99 (regularly $29.99) and start incorporating your screens in your spring cleaning routine.

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