Leaked Surface Duo demo videos show off ‘peeking’ notifications UI

Leaked Surface Duo demo videos show off 'peeking' notifications UI thumbnail

When it comes to the software on smartphones with folding displays (or, at least, a display field that can close in on itself), manufacturers are still out there trying to figure out the usability picture. Microsoft is faced with that very challenge right now as it continues developing its Android-powered dual-screen mobile device, the Surface Duo — and we might have just gotten a peek at a trick up its sleeve.

Leaks blogger WalkingCat on Twitter posted a couple of video clips purporting to show the dual-screened Duo opening slightly to display a ‘peeking’ interface where users can get quick access to the time, notifications, and information about an incoming call.


— WalkingCat (@h0x0d) February 26, 2020

Presumably, calls can either be accepted or rejected based on whether you continue to open or close the device.

Microsoft’s Build conference will take place from May 19, but we should hope for a few more drips about the Duo in the meantime.

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