Leaked Photos Confirm Samsung’s New Foldable Phone is One Big Boy

Leaked Photos Confirm Samsung's New Foldable Phone is One Big Boy thumbnail

Image: Samsung (via Winfuture.de

As we count down the last few days before Samsung’s Unpacked event Tuesday, here’s yet another Galaxy Z Flip leak that hopefully will help hold you over in the meantime.

As shared by Engadget on Friday, a tipster revealed photos purportedly showing the company’s newest take on a foldable phone. Now, considering that plenty of renders and even a brief video claiming to be a hands-on with the Galaxy Z Flip have already surfaced, a few new pictures may not seem like much of a big deal. But they do appear to clear up a few rumors, including what a monster of a phone this guy is.

Photo: Engadget

For starters, that crease. Good lordy, that crease. It wasn’t as visible in that previous video I mentioned—likely since the device in question appeared to be a sort of engineering sample—but in these new pics, it’s pretty dang hard to miss. In all fairness, though, it’s a bugbear that, to date, no other company in this foldable phone race has quite conquered. And the presence of a crease, while unsightly, may have little to say about the phone’s durability: Rumor has it that Samsung’s opted for extra-thin glass instead of a plastic film for the Galaxy Z Flip’s screen.

The company’s relying on a verticle hinge this time around, unlike the horizontal one used with its Galaxy Fold. So the Galaxy Z Flip folds out like a traditional flip phone, similar to Motorola’s rebooted Razr, except really, really long. Earlier leaks have suggested its screen clocks in at 6.7 inches, and these new images only further underline that the Galaxy Z Flip is one tall boy.

As noted by Engadget, the phone’s 22:9 aspect ratio is clearly visible in pictures where it’s opened. When closed, it appears to boast a dual-lens camera and external display for quickly scanning notifications and whatnot.

There’s no word yet on any official release, though some rumors have suggested it may go on sale in a few regions on Valentine’s Day priced around $1,400. A solid chunk of change, but still cheaper than Motorola’s new Razr. And, hopefully, the Galaxy Z Flip will avoid the same headaches and hiccups that have plagued the Razr’s debut so far. Between postponing the phone’s official release, hedging expectations with warnings about the screen’s “bumps and lumps,” and publically feuding with CNET over the outlet’s drop test, Motorola has been having a capital “T” time so far with its 2000s throwback.


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