Kentucky Route Zero’s fifth and final act arrives on January 28th

Kentucky Route Zero’s fifth and final act arrives on January 28th thumbnail

Kentucky Route Zero’s long-awaited final act is releasing on January 28th, almost four years after the release of Act IV in 2016. That same day, the game’s console version, aka Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A countdown timer discovered earlier this week had led some to speculate that the game would actually be releasing today, but it seems the timer was just meant to count down to this announcement.

Act V has been a long time coming. Kentucky Route Zero’s first and second acts were released way back in 2013 to much acclaim, and these were followed by Act III the following year, and Act IV in 2016. All four are well worth playing. Although it’s ostensibly a point-and-click adventure game, Kentucky Route Zero doesn’t contain any of the traditional puzzles or challenges you’d expect from the genre. Instead, it’s much more surreal — a slow-paced narrative adventure with an almost dreamlike quality to it.

Ahem, anyway, if you’ve yet to experience the game for yourself, then picking up the season pass on Steam will grant you access to all four of its existing acts, as well as the fifth one when it releases at the end of the month. Happy travels!

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