Infinity Ward reveal new modes coming to Modern Warfare: Rust 1v1 & more

Infinity Ward reveal new modes coming to Modern Warfare: Rust 1v1 & more thumbnail

Infinity Ward have confirmed that a dedicated Rust ‘one-versus-one’ mode is coming soon, alongside NVG Reinforce and some XP events as part of their February 18 update.

Season Two kicked-off with a bang, as Ghost was welcomed back into the Modern Warfare multiplayer saga as an unlockable Operator after weeks of in-game teasers.

Alongside the return of the infamous Special Forces Operator, one of the most iconic maps in Modern Warfare history landed back onto fans’ screens, as Rust made its emphatic comeback.

Infinity Ward's Season Two roadmap for Modern Warfare.
Infinity Ward’s Season Two roadmap for Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare’s Season Two roadmap reveals plenty of content in-store for players everywhere.

Infinity Ward tease a nostalgic Rust 1v1 playlist

Of course, Infinity Ward aren’t looking sit back and bask in their glory, as the Modern Warfare developers have unveiled their forthcoming plans in their February 14 community update.

“After a sappy Valentine’s Day weekend, nothing kicks off a fresh week better than NVG Reinforce. Or maybe… maybe your Valentine’s Day didn’t go so well? 1v1 a new potential soulmate in Rust!”

Alongside confirming that the new ‘NVG Reinforce’ game mode from their roadmap reveal would be hitting players’ playlists next week, IW hinted that some intense close-quarters combat would be returning to their beloved series — and on Rust no less!

Excess on Infinite Warfare.

Infinite Warfare’s version of Rust brought 1v1 action back to the franchise on the iconic map’s remake.

Those who have followed the Call of Duty franchise for some time will remember the trademark Cage Match game mode from the original Modern Warfare, which pitted players against one another in a high-ante, fiery matchup.

Considering the mode’s popularity, it temporarily transitioned across onto Modern Warfare 2… which ultimately founded the culture of ‘1v1 on Rust’ — the ultimate test of die-hard Call of Duty players everywhere.

Modern Warfare 2's Rust.

Plenty of CoD player feuds were settled on Modern Warfare 2’s Rust.

Now it appears that IW is combining Cage Match and Rust into one hybrid mode for players to lock horns in the ultimate test of skill — or just quickscope for some fun.

You will also have the opportunity to lap-up some double weapon XP as part of the update, meaning that you can rank up the new Grau and Striker in next to no time at all.

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