HP Reverb G2: 4K VR Headset With Valve Audio/Lenses, Touch-Like Controllers, & IPD Slider For $600

HP Reverb G2: 4K VR Headset With Valve Audio/Lenses, Touch-Like Controllers, & IPD Slider For $600 thumbnail

HP appears to be taking notes from both Valve and Facebook with its latest headset, the Reverb G2, featuring four outward-facing tracking cameras, Valve’s audio and lens technology and redesigned Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) controllers that look a lot more like Oculus Touch.

Reverb G2 is priced $600. The new HP headset also features a slider on the bottom for physical separation of the lenses and panels to adjust between 60mm and 68mm for better focus and fitting on a wider range of faces.

HP formally worked with Valve and Microsoft on the development of the new system which features 2160×2160 LCD panels per eye, with each panel measuring 2.98 inches, and a field of view said to be 114 degrees. That makes for some of the highest resolutions you’ll find in a consumer-grade VR headset. The new design also drops touchpads from the controllers that were emblematic of Microsoft’s first generation of VR input. That means HP essentially settled on using analog sticks and an overall input design that matches Facebook’s Oculus Touch. The company stressed to us that these controllers are unique to its headset.

Reverb G2 Controllersnew oculus touch controllersPC-only Rift S at $400 made by Lenovo and Valve pushed its high-end Index headset for $1,000. HTC also sells the Vive Cosmos in a range of configurations with its core system priced $700.

For 2020, HP seems to be hoping to get ahead of demand by opening pre-orders for its $600 Reverb G2 the same day as announcing the device, with plans to ship it this fall. This new design seems to carry features drawn from some of the best of both Valve and Facebook worlds and HP designers feel they built a no-compromise VR headset.

HP Reverb G2HP Reverb 2 Frontfacingpre-orders for the headset before there are hardware impressions to share. We’ll bring you the latest on the Reverb G2 as soon as we have it.

We’re curious what you think of the new VR headset from HP — let us know in the comments.

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