How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign Until July 2020, According To Astrology

How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign Until July 2020, According To Astrology thumbnail

The answers come when we’re ready for them.

We begin the 2020 Cancer season on June 21st, knowing that changes are coming, that nothing is as it was before. But that doesn’t mean we feel prepared to act, and all of that is about to change.

There are 12 sun signs in astrology, and depending upon which one is currently occurring, we consider that our specific season. The thing that’s really amazing about each zodiac season is that it brings an important energy or theme for us to focus on.

While Gemini season was all about transformation, change, choices and decisions, Cancer season is about what means the most to us: our home, family and intimate relationships.

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Sun in Cancer, which we refer to as Cancer season, will last from June 21st to July 22nd, when we shift into the sign of Leo. During this time, we will experience another eclipse and lots of planetary activity.

For all zodiac signs, it’s important to try to remain grounded, to rest and reflect. While it may be challenging to take that lens of truth on the most intimate part of our lives, there’s no doubt that it’s for a reason.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: June 21st

We’ll be right on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer at the time of this Solar Eclipse, which means we will likely be contending with both energies.

Solar Eclipses tend to bring about external change, so during the time surrounding this lunation, from a week prior to a week after, we can expect big conversations, offers, opportunities, or even proposals.

This is about taking those steps for physical change, for aligning more closely with our truth, and for implementing what we learned around the time of the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at the beginning of the month.

While we see energies peak around the Solar Eclipse that began with the Lunar Eclipse, because this eclipse season is a bit different, it doesn’t seem like many of the ongoing situations will reach a full resolution until November or December, when we’re seeing the conclusion of this Eclipse Season.

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Neptune retrograde: June 23rd

Usually when we think of retrogrades, we prepare for the worst, but this right here is a gift.

When Neptune is moving direct as he normally does, we sometimes have our vision clouded by what’s truth and what we wish was truth, as sometimes is the case in matters of the heart.

Perfectly coinciding with Venus turning direct, Neptune retrograde is all about seeing the truth — the truth of situations, relationships and our own feelings.

This planet is also the one that rules unconditional love and our sense of spirituality, so the truth we will see isn’t just about what we feel. but who we love and what we believe in.

Venus turns direct: June 25th

It’s time to take a deep breath. If you’ve made it to this moment and you’re still in a relationship, it will likely come down to two questions for you: Is this the relationship for me? And, if not, how do I end it without imploding my entire life?

These are fair enough questions, but just give it a little bit of time. The reason? While Venus retrograde can be the catalyst for those big love life changes, it doesn’t always happen during it; sometimes, it happens only once we’re able to process what we’re feeling.

Because we’re seeing other planets still retrograde, as well as being in the midst of Eclipse Season, even if we know what direction we want to move in, we’re still being asked to wait.

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Mars enters Aries: June 27th

This is a really important energy switch for this year, even if it doesn’t get as much headway as some of the bigger transits. Why?

Mars is the planet that rules our ambition, our drive, our sense of “who cares, let’s do it anyway” passion. Depending on what zodiac sign this hot and heavy planet is in makes a difference in whether we’re unable to get dressed all day, or if we’ve gotten our week’s to-do list done before noon.

Mars’s home sign, meaning the one he’s strongest and most comfortable in, is Aries, which means we will feel that motivation very strongly this year, as he’s camped out in this sign until January 6th, 2021, due to a retrograde from September 9th to November 13th.

Expect a lot of big things from this sign, including big changes, big actions. If there are any men in your life that you were hoping would feel that fire to move ahead, this transit will move that along, as Mars also governs the divine masculine.

Saturn retrograde enters Capricorn: July 1st

This isn’t all bad, and it’s not going to bring in that stagnant heavy Capricorn energy we were so relieved about when this planet moved in Aquarius back in the Spring.

But this is the time for action and learning the lessons we were meant to.

The Saturn in Aquarius era will truly begin in December, but these next few months are just your chance to tie up loose ends, get closure, and say goodbye to the past. So, when you actually move forward, there are no skeletons in your closet waiting to ruin it.

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New Moon in Cancer: July 20th

As the last big event of Cancer season, it’s no surprise that it happens as the Sun slips through the last degrees on his way into Leo.

New moons are a time for beginnings, and this one is no different. It will just depend on where you are in your own life.

What’s special about this year is that we began 2020 with a full moon in Cancer in January, and we will be ending the year with a second one on December 30th, which is the completion of the lunar cycle that begins with this new moon.

In many ways, this is splitting our year into halves, likely with many of us finding the second half vastly different from how we began 2020.

New moons are always a time to look more closely at home, family and relationships. And, in Cancer, the moon’s ruling sign, this theme of emphasis has and will be especially potent for this cycle and the rest of the year.

We’re being asked to look within, to align ourselves with the people we’re drawn to, and to not be afraid to make those big changes on the home front.

We may feel like we have greater ability to move forward during this moon, or we might be waiting for the next series of eclipses.

Yet, regardless of what camp you fall into, remember that family isn’t just blood — family is the people who help us be ourselves.

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