Hilarious Apex Legends fail shows how doors can actually kill you

Hilarious Apex Legends fail shows how doors can actually kill you thumbnail

Apex Legends will test your mettle against players with sharp aim and powerful loadouts, but be sure not to forget about doors, as it turns out they can also lead to your downfall in hilarious fashion.

Doors in Apex Legends are typically an afterthought ⁠— an aspect of moment to moment gameplay in the popular battle royale that often goes unnoticed and becomes somewhat of an automatic process.

However, not paying any mind to the interactive doors in Respawn’s shooter can actually result in your death, as players have been finding out the hard way.

Respawn Entertainment

It seems as though all types of doors could lead to the same type of death.

While you’re dodging bullets and scrounging for loot, it’s worth keeping a cautious eye on doors nearby. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to a foolish and easily avoidable death.

Halfway through a March 1 match for example, Reddit user ‘borisalien’ was caught off-guard after they amusingly took down an enemy Wraith without firing a single bullet or even throwing a punch.

Simply sliding and opening a door in one swift motion was enough to knock down the opposing player the moment that they came out of their ‘Into The Void’ ability.

“Did I just…what happened there?” They amusingly questioned while beginning to loot the fresh corpse.

There’s no telling just how much health the enemy had left when they came out of the void, however, the split-second timing of the door swing resulted in a perfect kill.

Wraith seemingly glitched inside of the door the moment that the ability wore off. While the killfeed didn’t credit the player for opening said door, the enemy was “crushed” nonetheless and easy loot was ripe for the picking shortly after.

Respawn Entertainment

Being crushed by a door is sure to leave even the most experienced Apex players a little upset.

In order to avoid similar embarrassment moving forward, be sure to keep your wits about you when playing as Wraith.

Doors should become your most feared opponent while in the void as you never know when the hilarious interaction might put an early end to your next run.

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