Google brings emoji mashup stickers to Gboard on Android

Google brings emoji mashup stickers to Gboard on Android thumbnail

There are already hundreds of emoji available to cover every emotion from yawning to being a straight-up drunk weirdo. Now, Google is offering a few more options, with a selection of stickers that combine two existing emoji to create one with a much more specific vibe. Google is calling the feature its “Emoji Kitchen.” You know those times when you want to convey that you’re feeling like both a cowboy and a ghost? Yeah, it’s for that sort of thing.

The concept of emoji mashups has been around for a little while, thanks to the excellent Emoji Mashup Bot Twitter account, which released a free iMessage sticker pack last year with downloads that were also available on Android for WhatsApp, Telegram, and Gboard. The difference here is that Google’s emoji mashups have been designed by hand rather than being automatically generated by a bot. They’re also pretty seamlessly integrated; Google says you can tap on any smiley emoji, and Gboard will suggest some mashups based on it.

Tap on an existing smiley emoji, and Emoji Kitchen will suggest a relevant sticker mashup.
Image: Google

Google says that it’s rolling out Emoji Kitchen to all Gboard users on Android starting today, but you can join the Gboard Beta program if you want to get them right now. Once you’ve got the feature, you should be able to use it in apps, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, Gmail, and Messages by Google.

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