Golf Pool is an ideal fit on VR headsets

Golf Pool is an ideal fit on VR headsets thumbnail

Golf Pool VR does pretty much exactly what you would expect from it. That’s right — you play 8-ball pool with a golf club in VR.

Golf Pool VR has five different environments across 10 single-player levels, and it also features a two-player competitive mode. The trailer shows one of these environments — a rainy cyberpunk-esque city that sees you adopt an armor-clad avatar playing pool on the side of the road. In the game’s Steam description, the developer mentions “the solitude of the moon or the adrenaline rush of a game or two on top of a skyscraper” as other settings, along with screenshots that include a garden environment.

The project has been a solo development project over the last one-and-a-third years, according to the developer on Reddit. There is no set release date; however, the developer notes that if everything “goes smoothly,” the game should release on Steam in about two months.

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