God of War No Longer Contains “Only on PlayStation” Label on Official Web Page

God of War No Longer Contains “Only on PlayStation” Label on Official Web Page thumbnail

The arrival of God of War on PC now seems like a possibility following some intriguing new changes on the official PlayStation website.

Sony is clearly entertaining the idea of bringing more of its first-party titles to the PC platform in the future. While Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, has stated that Sony won’t be looking to bring all of its former exclusives to PC, that hasn’t stopped the publisher from beginning to step foot into those waters later this year when Horizon Zero Dawn officially comes to PC. Now, if recent changes on the PlayStation website are to be believed, it seems as though God of War could next be joining HZD on PC.

When looking at the web page for God of War on the U.S. version of the official PlayStation website, the listing no longer contains the “Only On Playstation” signifier which can be found on a litany of other first-party published titles from Sony. Even though this might not seem like a major deal at first, this “Only On PlayStation” verbiage is used to identify titles that are PlayStation exclusives on every applicable game that can be found on the website.

Titles like BloodborneDays GoneMarvel’s Spider-Man, and Dreams all prominently feature this exact wording on their web pages in one place or another. However, games like Horizon Zero Dawn and other former PS4-exclusives such as Detroit: Become Human and Death Stranding have had this label removed once it was announced that they would be heading to PC. Some quick glances on internet archive websites prove that this is true in all cases. God of War, in particular, also at one point had this “Only On PlayStation” label present on the game’s web page.

So what exactly does this mean for God of War? Well, it could be one of a few things. For starters, this could be a mistake or just a total omission on Sony’s part. If you look at God of War’s web page in another region, take Australia, for example, the game is still clearly listed as a PlayStation Exclusive quite prominently. While the “Only On PlayStation” stamp isn’t found on this region’s site, it still annotates that God of War is an exclusive in the game’s description.

The other option is, well, that God of War indeed isn’t going to be “Only On PlayStation” any longer. Much like Horizon Zero Dawn, Santa Monica Studio’s 2018 smash-hit could indeed be coming to PC at some point in the future. And if this proves to be the case, could you really blame Sony? God of War stands as one of the best-reviewed games of this entire console generation and won a litany of Game of the Year awards back in 2018 — including our own here at DualShockers. For Sony to bring the game to a new platform would surely net the company millions of more dollars in sales.

Not to mention, this exact prospect is something that God of War’s director, Cory Barlog, has said he outright supports in the past. Despite previously acknowledging that the decision to bring GoW to new platforms isn’t something he has any say on, it’s an idea that he loves. So if one of the game’s most vocal developers is a huge fan of the idea, why wouldn’t Sony also be willing to do the work to then bring it on over to PC?

You know, I would love that. It is, sadly, a decision far above my paygrade. As is proven on a daily basis, I am no Kojima.

— Cory Barlog🖖 (@corybarlog) October 29, 2019

Look, I want to make it abundantly clear right now that we could be grasping at straws and this all could mean absolutely nothing. We are getting into semantics about details on a website page, after all. That said, there is somewhat of a precedent for updates like this that occur on the official PlayStation website to point to happenings that could come about in the future.

Just last year, before it was officially announced to be coming to PC, we reported that Death Stranding was removed from the list of exclusive titles on PlayStation’s official website. A few short months later and Kojima Productions promptly announced that its new IP would be landing on PC in 2020. Yes, that situation was indeed different from this one with God of War, but it still shows that things which have been updated or changed on the PlayStation website previously later proved to have real developments come about.

At the end of the day, Sony is clearly going to bring more of its first-party published titles to PC within time. Hermen Hulst has made clear as much already, so you might as well prepare yourself to see this happening a bit more often. If you were going to put together a shortlist of PS4-exclusives that you’d want to bring to PC, God of War would absolutely be near the top of that list. Whether or not the game officially ends up coming to PC remains to be seen, but it certainly seems like the possibility is in play.

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