Efficient Air Conditioning Tips For Tiny Homes

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Living in tiny homes is quite different from traditional houses in many ways, including air conditioning. The good news is that you can achieve more with less, which means that you can actually cut down the power bills even while enjoying a comfortable temperature indoors. However, there are specific measures you should stick to for achieving efficiency in air conditioning for your small home.

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Think before you start

Even before you begin considering energy efficiency with air conditioning for your small home, you should think about choosing the right one for your needs. The sustainable approach is the best one for homeowners with small living spaces. Not only does it enable you to save on the initial installation but cuts the monthly bills as well.

One popular tiny house AC choice that requires a substantial investment is a mini-split. DIY options run around $1,400-1,800. Fortunately, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Mini-splits are incredibly energy efficient and multifunctional (works as AC, heater, and dehumidifier).

Consider ceiling fans

Smaller spaces cool down faster, and you can actually alternate AC usage with the use of ceiling fans. You can probably manage a few hours without the air conditioner easily when the place is cooled once. The cold air tends to stay in smaller spaces, especially if well-insulated. Hence, this is an excellent way to save on energy bills and reduce your environmental footprint as well.

Invest in blackout curtains

A smart and sustainable approach for homeowners with tiny homes is to invest in blackout curtains. All you need to do is to cover the windows with them, and the hot rays of the sun will not invade your home. The place becomes easier to cool during the summer. At the same time, the thick curtains keep the cold wind out during winter, and your air conditioner has to do less work to keep the house warm.

Keep an eye on maintenance needs

Keeping an eye on the regular maintenance needs of your air conditioner is vital, more so if you follow a sustainable lifestyle. Have routine maintenance checks and call professionals for AC repair, as soon as you suspect an issue with the system. Running a faulty unit puts pressure on the system, and even minor problems can become significant issues. Moreover, it may not give you the right temperature despite working hard.

smart thermostat

Embrace automation

Though you may be interested in everything small and sustainable, smart home automation is a technology worth considering. A smart thermostat is the best example of energy savings with automation. It lets you turn off the air conditioner even while you are out, while you can turn it on remotely when you are about to reach home so that you can have a perfectly warm or cool place welcoming you.

These smart measures can make all the difference for your energy bills while bringing efficiency in the performance of your tiny home air conditioner. And you can also contribute a fair share to the mission of sustainable living!

Cover photo from our visit to the Orlando Lakefront tiny house community

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