EA Play Live: Star Wars Squadrons, Skate and all the trailers we saw

EA Play Live: Star Wars Squadrons, Skate and all the trailers we saw thumbnail

EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons spaceship combat game is coming this fall.

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts pulled back the curtain on a handful of its upcoming titles during the EA Play Live event, with one huge surprise and a longer look at a new Star Wars title.

The centerpiece of the online showcase was that Star Wars game, Star Wars: Squadrons. The spaceship combat title was teased on Monday but had a much longer reveal, showing off different gameplay modes, vehicles and customization options. The 50 minute presentation also showed off a couple of titles from independent studios including It Takes Two from Hazelight and the gothic Lost in Random from Zoink. 

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There was also a major surprise: A Skate sequel has finally been announced. Yes, Skate is back. We didn’t get a single piece of footage, but the hype for a new Skate is so high the announcement may have overshadowed the rest of the show. 

But enough of us yammering on, you’re here for trailers! And those trailers are below.

Apex Legends: Lost Treasures

It Takes Two

Lost in Random

Rocket Arena

Star Wars: Squadrons

Next-gen teaser

And if you care to watch the whole thing back again, we have you covered, right here

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EA shows new gameplay footage for Star Wars: Squadrons


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