Doom Eternal Easter Eggs And References

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Published on Mar 22, 2020

From copies of Quake 3 on the Doom Slayer’s shelf and classic weapons making a comeback, to finding Daisy the Rabbit, these are Doom Eternal’s best Easter Eggs.

Doom has always been full of bizarre secrets, hidden gems and easter eggs and Doom Eternal may have more than all the rest put together.

We spent some time diving into the dark corners of the game to see what strange things we could find.

From giant green fish and skateboards, to toy demons and the Doom Slayer’s pet rabbit Daisy, we do our best to find every Easter Egg in Doom Eternal.

HOOK: Doom Eternal is stuffed with hilarious Easter eggs and callbacks to not only past Doom games, but other all of id Software’s games. There’s so much chances are you won’t catch them all, which is why we’ve compiled as many as we could possibly find, just for you!

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