Destiny 2’s New Sundial Boss Is A Pleasant Surprise

Destiny 2’s New Sundial Boss Is A Pleasant Surprise thumbnail

Screenshot: Kotaku (Destiny 2)

Today’s weekly reset in Destiny 2 brought a new villain to Osiris’ Sundial, and it’s a refreshing departure from the usual grind.

Season of Dawn’s battle pass activity The Sundial has been rotating between three Psion Flayer bosses since it debuted back in December. Today, it got a new boss: Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune. After the disappointing conclusion of last season’s Vex Offensive, players weren’t expecting much. But Inotam is much more than just a reskin of a familiar boss fight and totally worth checking out.

The Sundial begins just like it always has, transporting you and five other Guardians through time to fight off hordes of Reg Legion while the datamining meter slowly fills up. This time, however, you don’t go to the same old boss room when it’s complete. Instead, everyone’s teleported into the Corridors of Time to take on each of the Sundial’s previous bosses combined.

Inotam is effectively the fused version of Ozletc, Tazaroc, and Niruul, and it can use each of their powers throughout the fight. Instead of taking down Psions to bring down her shield, you have to activate one of three plates by standing on it while legions of Cabal bear down on you. The fight’s entertaining on normal mode and a real blast on Legendary.

It’s also a nice little surprise, considering how all of the little tweaks help it feel like a fresh encounter rather than the same drill that players have been running for weeks. When Ikora Rey finally completed her portal in the Tower to initiate Final Assault last season, it was a huge letdown going back into Vex Offensive only to fight the Undying Mind in the exact same place doing the exact same stuff as all the other times.

As a little bonus, Bungie even released a new page of lore explaining some of Inotam’s backstory, including that she has a sister who has pledged to get revenge if anything should happen to her. Considering how burnt out some players are feeling with the new battle pass grind, it’s just the sort of refreshing little pick-me-up Destiny 2 needed.

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