Cool, Here’s Another New Smartwatch That Looks Like an Apple Watch

Cool, Here's Another New Smartwatch That Looks Like an Apple Watch thumbnail

Which smartwatch does this look like to you?

Which smartwatch does this look like to you?
Photo: Oppo

Because we certainly don’t have enough Android smartwatches to choose from, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo leaked a photo of its new Oppo Watch in a tweet announcing its upcoming phone event.

It’s called the Oppo Watch, because Apple started a trend and others just can’t not follow. The Oppo tweet also hinted that the watch might have a series number, a convention Apple embraced with the Series 2.

But perhaps the most obvious nod to Apple is the way the thing looks: a slightly rounded-off square watch face with metallic finishes of various colors and what appears to be a fluoroelastomer watch band, like the Apple Watch’s sport band. Xiaomi, Fitbit, and other smartwatch makers have also followed Apple’s lead on watch design, which is disappointing, because those watches now look like knock-offs instead of trendsetters—regardless of their features.

Oppo did take a slightly different approach with the watch’s navigation buttons. The Oppo Watch sports two side buttons, which resemble a smartphone’s volume rocker, instead of an Apple Watch-like digital crown, which some on the Gizmodo staff consider to be a design abomination that offers no value (I’m paraphrasing here).

It’s unclear which features the watch will have, although it is likely to have LTE baked in, given that the promotional image features two watches making phone calls.

At the Oppo event, which will be held on March 6, the company will show off its Find X2 Android flagship, which you will almost definitely not be able to buy in the U.S. You probably won’t be able to track down an Oppo Watch, either. But if you want the look of an Apple Watch, maybe buy an Apple Watch? Just a suggestion.

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