Check out how iOS 14 may look like with the new widgets and AR Maps features

Check out how iOS 14 may look like with the new widgets and AR Maps features thumbnail

It took Apple nearly two and a half hours to go through all the new developments in its walled software garden during the WWDC 2019 keynote, and for a good reason. The iOS 13 edition was one of the biggest new iOS releases in recent memory, complete with both user-facing aesthetics like the systemwide dark mode, as well as under-the-hood improvements like 2x faster app loading and much improved app update speeds.

It was also riddled with bugs to an extent that longtime Apple fans noticed and complained about, all thanks to a software testing procedure that has been getting long in the tooth. All the new and untested features used to be folded into one big daily build with a disparate level of readiness, resulting in a myriad of bugs been carried over from the first alphas into the final retail release, as many an iPhone or iPad owner became painfully aware after the iOS 13 release. 

Crashing apps, including stock ones like Mail or messaging, and signal drop glitches are just a few examples why Apple was quick to issue a release after release to iron them out so quickly.

New iOS 14 features to expect on release date

Starting with iOS 14, however, Apple’s head of software development Craig Federighi will require all buggy and unfinished features to be turned off by default in the daily builds, and the testers can then choose to flip the switch at will, resulting in a much more streamlined process, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The new system is already employed in Apple’s next iOS 14 edition development, codenamed “Azul,” as it is expected to be one of the most feature-rich software upgrades in Apple’s history – you know, the first 5G iPhone and stuff – so Apple wouldn’t want a repeat of the iOS 13 rollout fiasco.

In fact, Apple is now so adamant to focus on the quality of the new software features it releases, tipped insiders, that it is considering putting some of those it intended to ship with iOS 14, off for the “Azul+1” project, which will likely end up as iOS 15 in 2021. 

So, what new features can we expect Apple to release with iOS 14 in 2020? Here’s a preliminary list:

  • Homescreen customization with widgets and smart dynamic wallpapers
  • Change default apps and partial installation with ‘Clips’
  • AR Maps
  • Offline Siri
  • PiP for videos
  • Fitness app
  • iMessage retraction and typing indicator
  • Find My app with AR mode and location triggers
  • Blood oxygen levels for Apple Watch

These are just some of the rumored new iOS 14 features, and there is plenty to look forward to. We know what you are most excited about, though, the rumored homescreen customization that iOS has been badly lacking for a while. 

Leaked screenshots purportedly show that iPhone users will be able to browse through default wallpaper separated into collections with choices like “Classic Stripes,” “Earth & Moon,” and “Flowers.” Another screenshot shows a “Home Screen Appearance” feature similar to the one found on the Apple Watch. Users will be able to create smart dynamic wallpaper for the home screen, but perhaps the biggest thing would be resizable widgets.

According to 

9to5Mac, the new feature found on iOS 14 graphics is being called “Avocado” internally, and is related to the SpringBoard app that controls the Home screen on iOS. If it gets in the final build, iPhone and iPad users will be able to select widgets from apps that have them to add to the homescreen, with the big change that they can move them, perhaps even together with app icons. 

It makes sense, if the widgets are of different size, as otherwise you won’t be able to notch a high score for the ensuing Tetris game on the home screen. If you want to see how the new features may look like with all that jazz, look no further than the concept iOS 14 video at the top. 

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